Get your body & energy

back on your side


This month, I'm looking for 10 driven individuals over 40 that want help transforming their bodies, energy and mood by optimizing their gut health. 

The 4 Pillar Smart Approach

By upgrading your gut health and removing these "Health Anchors" we can elevate your performance, increase your energy and upgrade your body by simply getting your body back on your side!

All day energy

Get your body back on your side so you can show up sharper, happier and more effective.

More adventures

Never let your body or energy be the reason you don't get the most out of life.

Your Personal Blueprint

Have the experts in your corner to optimise your approach right down to a cellular level

Want to feel faster, sharper and healthier?

I've helped over 1000 professionals at this point. We have dialed in the system to be be as highly effective as possible to upgrade your energy, mood and ultimately quality of life by removing these health anchors dragging you down. 

If you want to feel in control of your body again, understand how to eat in later life to stay sharp and energetic, not to mentioned keep your work and mental capacity as high as possible, there is simply no one else who has the 4 Pillars of Health covered like us.

Featured Testimonials from The Meta Project

Myself I have been feeling different. I'm not ravenous all day. I've been forgetting to eat. Food is not controlling my life.


Thank you and I can't unlearn the valuable things from you and your program and I'll continue to get healthier and perform at a higher level because of it.


"Dad, this has been the best day ever". The extra energy I have after only 5 weeks, the discipline of the morning routine and the 'me time' is allowing me to fit way more into my days.


My entire body shape has changed. It's been almost a year since I started following your lead and I have changed my entire approach, not just with training but also nutrition and how I listen to my body.


Let us help you build out you Body Optimization Game Plan

Here's what I want to help you with for free...

Understand exactly where your body and energy are getting in the way.
Help isolate what is causing it and help show you where to start
Help contruct a roadmap of what you want to achieve and in what time frame this target is achievable (sustainably).
If you are a good fit we can show you how we can help you get there. If not, we will make sure to advise on the best solution forward regardless.

About the meta project

Hello! I'm Olly Wood

After nearly a decade working with high performers and helping them take back control of their body and health... I've discovered a few common traps most professionals get caught up in (and stay stuck) when it comes to their health efforts.

With The Meta Project R4 Process, we quickly identify your "Health Anchors" to get rid of the burden pulling your energy and health down to elevate how your feel, function and perform.

Off meds and full of energy!

Reverse fatty liver disease and dropped 15kg

"I didn't think I would reach 65"

From constant dieting to food freedom

Down 13kg in 10 weeks while eating more

"Everything else failed, this worked!"

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