Transforming someone’s body, first starts with changing their mind set

Marketing in the fitness industry is one of the most controversial, scam filled and ridiculous industries there are.

Even some of the most prestigious magazine companies with still resort to “the best foods for losing fat” as click bait to entering their site. The reason that these claims are made, is purely because society is looking for EVERY reason not to work out consistently and actually invest time into their health, yet they are more than happy to invest money in the newest fat burning pill.

The reason I write these articles is not put down the industry because I also love the industry. It’s been my lifes work up until this point.

I want readers to look at their current fitness habits and confirm to yourself you know the logic behind why you are actually doing it.

This ranges from, why you even want to work out in the first place? Why do you want to be 15% body fat? How will this improve your life that will make you consistently workout in a year’s time?

I have people asking to train with me to get ripped for a holiday in 4 weeks which I find pointless. Three days into the holiday you will be back to square one. Why not start making habits today in small easy steps so you will look good for this year’s holiday, and the one in 10 years’ time? This comes back to my previous article of are you impatiently patient, or patiently impatient? Start today with small changes and keep at it to see these changes appear and STAY THERE!

So what I want you to do is ask yourself these two questions about your fitness goal, why did you set your goal in the first place, and how is this going to improve your life once your reach it? If your goal is to reach 9% body fat, then what next? How is that going to make your life any better?

There will always be a new best way of doing things, and if you don’t have the time to constantly update yourself on reliable new methods, this is when you should seek out a quality expert.

But first you have to address your goal so you know why you are doing it and are happy working with the fitness professional to help you reach that point.

Transforming someone’s body, first starts with changing their mind set. You want that person to still be willing to reach their goal well after the mood they said it in has disappeared. A big part of this is their nutrition, if you restrict yourself to much you will not stick with it long term because eventually you will give in to cravings. I won’t dive into this too much today as this is a whole other article but if you focus on small changes and REPLACING rather than removing foods you will maintain a much better relationship with food and not fall into the “have to” category of dieting.

This should be something you want to do, not have to do. When it is a choice, you can move forward. It all comes back to how you approach the decision out of control rather than “shoulds” or “should nots”.

Everyone likes to use their little buzz work such as “no chemicals” or “all organic” but the reality is, your diet is only as good as compliance. Small changes and stay consistent team, I know it’s not glamorous and is not the only way but it is the smarter way long term.

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  1. My plan is to lose weight, fix my leg and arm issues and get back to a condition I feel happy with. I am loving my workouts now I have structure and guidance, without it I was just turning up and not all the time either. Now I have a set plan, it gives me a lot more drive to turn up and push hard. In the short time I can feel my body starting to change for the better.

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