Time To Fix Your Training

To upgrade your training, you need to upgrade how you THINK about training. Focus on QUALITY of movement and how focusing on the muscle allows us to get stronger, leaner and more mobile/functional because we're in-tune with our bodies. This allows us to be truly effective in the gym, maximize results and do it in a way that is an asset for YEARS to come.


  • Execution Guide PDF
    Execution Guide PDF

    Download this PDF to have quick access to all the execution videos to help you refer back to as you implement these into your workouts

If you haven't already booked, book in with Olly for A Coaching Call so we can identify where you're stuck and how we can help to move forward.

He is Years beyond his age with a professionalism and maturity of somebody who has lived much longer! He takes his job very seriously and has obviously always put great thought and planning into the sessions that he structures.

His knowledge of the body, the body's make up, functions and how food affects us is second to none. You only have to look at the job he has done on his own physique to appreciate his skill.

Lynaire Monnery

Oliver is the best personal trainer I have ever had. He is extremely knowledgeable, particular about correct muscle movement and form, produces videos to support me when not with him, sets challenging programmes, great personality, gives me his full attention when working, and is in excellent shape himself.

Daniel Eakins-Veras

'Oliver is a professional, personable and dedicated trainer who delivers noticeable results to his clients in a short period of time. Oliver's methods and in particular his explanation in layman's terms of many aspects of training is a skill he executes well. No matter what question I ask of Oliver, as to why I am performing certain exercise and what benefits it will provide he explains in an easy to understand manner.

Dean Broughton

I found that Olly was able to give me techniques that made a difference. He was also able to explain why and how my body worked in response to the things he suggested. Really informative, motivating and non-judgemental. I really recommend Olly; you will get results!

Diana Shepard

Olly really knows his stuff. He listens to my particular needs, and quickly adapts what we do accordingly.  Excellent trainer.

Allan Shaw

Oliver is the complete package. He is very knowledgeable, thoughtful and writes insightful training programmes.

Jacob White